LAVONS Room Fragrance (150g)


LAVONS Room Fragrance (150g)

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  • French Macaroon
  • Luxury Relax
  • Champagne Moon

LAVONS Room Fragrance (150g)

LAVONS Room Fragrance Luxury Relax (150g)

* Three (3) option: Luxury Relax, French Macaron, Champagne Moon

* A solid perfume with an elegant sense of freshness

* Room Fragrance that designed to enchantingly enhance your interior

* Offers you luxury room fragrances with natural fruit and floral scents for every taste

* Long lasting 

* Setting The Mood At Any Event: Living room/ Bedroom/ Entrance

* Duration: Approximately 30 ~ 45 days

* Environment-Friendly Refills

* The bottle itself could be used after the inside is gone


LE LINGE Room Fragrance is a solid perfume with an elegant sense of freshness. Indulge yourself in a refreshing solid air freshener that does not require any fire. The main feature of the product is aroma oils, which quickly and effectively remove odors, filling the room with a soft and pleasant aroma. Long lasting, scents can be sensed with respect to the time after the application of a fragrance. All products are carefully made in Japan following Japanese quality standards. The idea of layering scents allows you to explore the infinite possibilities of fragrance. Our products are high-quality and reasonably priced so that everyone can experiment with their own scent blends.



* TOP: Gardenia

* MIDDLE: Rose, Muguet, Vanilla, Jasmine, Violet

* LAST: Woody, Amber, Musk



* Duration: Approximately 30-45 days

* Depends on the season and surroundings

* For external use only, do not use other than its purpose

* Keep out of reach of children and infants


How to use:

1. Remove the packaging film

2. Open the top cover

3. Remove the sealed packaging tape

4. Close the top cover tightly


Storage Condition: Store in cool place and away from direct sunlight


***Ready stock in Malaysia

***Made in Japan

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