LAVONS Fabric Refresher (370ml)


LAVONS Fabric Refresher (370ml)

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  • French Macaroon
  • Luxury Relax
  • Blooming Blue

LAVONS Fabric Refresher (370ml)

LAVONS Fabric Refresher (370ml)

* Three (3) option: French Macaroon, Luxury Relax, Blooming Blue

* No.1 Sterilization Deodorant Fabric Mist in Japan

* Removes unpleasant tobacco odors and bacteria

* Freshens up fabric on coats and sofas that cannot be washed immediately

* Sterilization / deodorant properties reduce pet-related odors

* Features carefully selected certified organic extracts

* Disinfect in an instant

* The perfume scent mist continues with a luxurious scent

* Sofa, carpet, bed, curtain, clothing, shoes, bag, cigarette odor, and pet odor


Luxury scent also on fabric products that can not be washed. Fabric mist drifting perfume scent.

Prevent smell such as tobacco and food and breeding bacteria.

Fabric products such as coats and sofas that can not be washed immediately to a pleasing fragrance.

It also suppresses odor around the pet by sterilization / deodorant effect.

Organic extracts that have received organic certification are carefully selected.

Clothes Fabric Softener: Prevents unpleasant odors emitted during indoor drying.

Fabric Softener for Baby Clothes: Your clothes will have a refreshing, luxurious fragrance from the moment they are in the wash until the time you wear them.

Fabric Conditioner: Also great for a smooth & fluffy finish on baby clothes.

Liquid Fabric Softener with Odor: Features carefully selected certified organic extracts.

MADE IN JAPAN: All products are Made in Japan, with careful production and great Japanese quality. You can layer more than one fragrances, so you found aromas that suit you! Affordable price with luxury quality.



* TOP: Mandarin, Pear, Berry

* MIDDLE: Jasmine, Water Lily

* LAST: Woody, Amber, Musk


How to use:

1. Set the spray tip to ON

2. Spray 20 to 30cm away from the object to the extent that the entire surface is moist

3. After use, be sure to turn off the tip and store it upright

4. Dry thoroughly after spraying


***Ready stock in Malaysia

***Made in Japan

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