LOKE KEE Shat Kek Ma (200g)


LOKE KEE Shat Kek Ma (200g)

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Product Description:

  • Weight: 200g 
  • HALAL Approved by Jakim 
  • Certified by HACCP, ISO 22000 & GMP 
  • Serving suggestion: Bake biscuits in an oven until well heated before serving for a delicious crunchy experience 
  • Please store in a cool and dry place 


Wheat flour, whole egg powder, glucose syrup, sugar, water, baking powder, acidity regulator, vegetable oil, honey, sodium bicarbonate. 

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新乐记萨骑马 (200克) 


* 重量:〜200g 

* 成分:小麦粉,全蛋粉,葡萄糖浆,糖,水,泡打粉,酸度调节剂,植物油,蜂蜜,碳酸氢钠 

* 食用建议:将饼干放在烤箱中加热烘烤,可增添松脆口感 

* 请存放在阴凉干燥处 

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