BLOSSOM+ Sanitizer Spray- Ultra Fine Sprayer Package


BLOSSOM+ Sanitizer Spray- Ultra Fine Sprayer Package

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BLOSSOM+ Sanitizer Spray- Ultra Fine Sprayer Package

Product Description

  • Floral scent
  • Kills 99.9% of microbes (including germs, bacteria and virus)
  • Water-based (alcohol-free)
  • SKin-safe (EpiDerm skin irritation tested)
  • Repel contaminant adherence
  • Repel stain & liquid spill on solid surface
  • Decompose odour (organic bad odour breakdown)
  • Toxic-free (ROSH tested under IEC62321 method)
  • 21 days anti pathogen (long term continuous sterilizing effect)
  • Made in Malaysia

Direction for use

  • Shake well before use
  • Spray directly onto surface or into the air
  • Wipe the surface if necessary

Recommended uses for

  • Electronic devices
  • Handle / lift button
  • House & toy sanitize
  • Toilet
  • Personal item

Terms and Conditions:

  • Strictly valid for delivery only
  • Item sold is not refundable
  • Item sold is not valid with any other discounts, offers, privileges, and promotional set meal unless otherwise stated.  
  • Verylss Global Resources Sdn Bhd reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions at its absolute discretion without prior notice

Return Policy

  • Contact Seller for any defect/wrong size/wrong design/wrong color and etc WITHIN 48 HOURS after received the products.
  • No refund given if complaint made later than 48 hours after received the products

BLOSSOM+ 消毒喷雾- 超细喷雾器套装(普通500ml x 2 +超细300ml x 1)

  • 清新花香味
  • 有效杀死99.9%的微生物(包括细菌,细菌和病毒)
  • 水基(无酒精)
  • 28天防护罩
  • 皮肤安全(经EpiDerm皮肤刺激性测试)
  • 消除污染物的附着
  • 消除固体表面上的污渍和液体溢出
  • 分解异味(有机异味分解)
  • 无毒(ROSH根据IEC62321方法测试)
  • 21天抗病原体(长期连续灭菌效果)
  • 马来西亚制作


  • 使用前请摇匀
  • 直接喷涂到表面或空气中
  • 如有必要擦拭表面


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