CURESYS Apple Vinegar Toner (300ml)

Reference: 8809382883544

CURESYS Apple Vinegar Toner (300ml)

Reference: 8809382883544
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CURESYS Apple Vinegar Toner (300ml)

APPLE VINEGAR TONER CREATED BY CURESYS has been carefully formualed to deliver full benefits without worrying about any side effects. It's SAFE! Apple vinegar is proven ingredient to even skin tone, repair and soothe damaged skin. Curesys apple vinegar toner includes high content of apple vinegar made with premium natural apple. By formulating it with carefully selected ingredients, customer can experience the benefit of apple vinegar without any side effects.

Product Description:

  • A toner formulated with subacidic formula with 10% Apple Vinegar that moisturizes and helps soothe acnes.
  • Contains 5% Phycosaccharide AC that helps control sebum secretion and maintain the oil-moisture balance of the skin.
  • Features Hyaluronic Acid and BHA that deliver deep hydration to the skin.
  • Low Acidic Toner that targets the specific cause of excess sebum, oil and troubles
  • Made in Korea

  • *Ready stock in Malaysia

Apple Vinegar provides many benefits to the skin, which includes

  • Acne and trouble prevention.
  • Heals burns caused by the sun.
  • Removes dead skin cells and impurities.
  • Blood circulation.
  • Minimizes pores.
  • Calms and controls oily skin types.

How to use:

  • After cleansing, apply a moderate amount over the face and pat lightly for better absorption


  • Regardless of these benefits, many skincare professionals oppose using vinegar on your skin as it has many side effects due to the highly acidic pH. 

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