VFRESH Aromatherapy Aroma Oil Roll On


VFRESH Aromatherapy Aroma Oil Roll On

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  • Lavender
  • Citrus
  • Barley Mint
  • Green Tea

VFRESH Aromatherapy Aroma Oil Roll On

V FRESH Aromatherapy Aroma Oil Roll On (8ml)

* Assists in refreshing the mind

* Assists in comforting the body

* Assists in soothing to the skin

* Helps to relieve giddiness, motion sickness and itchiness due to mosquito/insect bites

* Aromatherapy helps to provide freshness and tranquility

* Great alternative to another common medicated oil or balm

VFRESH Aromatherapy Aroma Oil comes with a roll on package that uses stainless ball material which is more hygienic in use, free of jams, cleaner, and not easily leaky. This aromatherapy aroma oil is made with economical size that fits in a pocket pocket so it is practical to carry anywhere. VFRESH Aromatherapy Aroma Oil is made from natural and halal ingredients because of non-alcoholic wind oil. The composition is 45% menthol (the most compared to similar products with only 20% -30% of the menthol content), 2.5% Camphor, 5.00% Eucalyptus Oil, etc. up to 100%.

There are four variants of VFRESH Aromatherapy Aroma Oil at your preferences:

1. VFRESH Aromatherapy Aroma Oil Citrus

The packaging is green with a natural and refreshing "Citrus Mint" aroma. The menthol aroma is very fragrant and feels warm in the body.

2. VFRESH Aromatherapy Aroma Oil Lavender

The packaging is purple with the aroma of lavender flowers. The color of packaging in this variant matches the color of purple lavender, and the scent of Lavender has an aroma like perfume that is exclusive and expensive.

3. VFRESH Aromatherapy Aroma Oil Barley Mint

The package is blue with a Barley mint aroma. The Barley mint aroma makes you return to your passion for activity. The Barley mint aroma is a distinctive aroma that you cannot find in any Roll On aromatherapy product, other than VFRESH from Cap Lang.

4. VFRESH Aromatherapy Aroma Oil Green Tea

The packaging is green with the aroma of green tea. The aroma of the green provides the coolness of the garden, provides relaxation when used, and is perfect for those of you who are familiar with the aroma of the green.

Ingredients: Menthol 45.00 %, Camphor 2.50 %, Eucalyptus Oil 5.00 %, Base Ad 100.00 %

Directions to use: For external use only. Apply directly onto the affected area as needed. Repeat as necessary.

Warnings: Do not use on children under 2 years old. Do not apply directly under nostrils.

V FRESH Aromatherapy Aroma Oil Roll On (8ml)

VFRESH diklaim sebagai minyak angin zero alcohol  yang aman digunakan oleh siapa pun tanpa ada kekhawatiran mengenai kehalalan produk ini. Minyak angin ini berfungsi pula sebagai aroma terapi  dengan 4 varian: Citrus, Lavender, Barley Mint dan Green Tea. Varian yang ada ini merupakan hasil dari penelitian CAP LANG untuk menghasilkan kualiti terbaik. Produk ini memiliki tiga keunggulan yang tidak dimiliki produk lain yang sejenis, iaitu:

1. Menthol 45% (terbanyak dibandingkan produk sejenis yang hanya 20-30%)

2. Non alcohol

3. Roller stainless ball yang lebih higienis dalam penggunaan, bebas macet, lebih bersih, dan tidak mudah bocor.

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