MOON17 Silky Color Cream (40g + 40ml)


MOON17 Silky Color Cream (40g + 40ml)

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MOON17 Silky Color Cream (40g + 40ml)

Product Description:

Permanent color formula with nourishing ingredient create long-lasting hair color effect.It is also 100% grey coverage. Contain plant extract ingredient such as argan oil, meadowfoam seed oil, hydrolyzed wheat protein to protect your scalp and hair color after hair dye. 

Product Features:

  • Main ingredient: Argan oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Sheanut Butter.
  • Reduce hair damage when dyeing
  • Make hair contain moisturizing essence after dyeing
  • Make hair softness surge and easy to comb after dyeing
  • Make hair full with graceful and glossiness after dyeing
  • Plant extracts formula
  • Added hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, shea nut butter and Argan Oil.
  • Silky Color Cream penetrating hair innermost, relaxing color,incredible shine gloss!
  • Accessories: Coloring Palette, Hair Coloring comb, one pair of plastic gloves, instruction manual.
  • Perfect color without allergen, added Morocco Argan Oil to provide hair full with graceful & glossiness.
  • Comb Hair Coloring Cream into the hair,covering full head of hair closely.
  • Makes hair brightness like shiny diamond, beautiful rich color of the hair.
  • Moon 17 Easy Color Shine Gloss create hair best colored, contain moisturizing essence, softness surge.
  • Colorant 40ml + Developer 40ml
  • Storage method: Please put it in a cool and dry place, avoid high temperature and direct sunlight.
  • Ready stock in Malaysia
  • Made in Taiwan

Use Directions:

1. Put on gloves given,combine the hair dye and developer in 1:1 ratio into mixing bowl.

2. Apply the mixture evenly on hair using comb.

3. Leave for 40 minutes and after this wash off with water.


1. If there is a wound on the scalp, redness, itching and allergies after skin testing, skin diseases, women who may be pregnant or pregnant, have special skin constitution, and have been allergic to hair dye before, do not use.

2. The actual hair color after dyeing will vary depending on the individual's original hair color (hair color before dyeing) and hair condition.

3. This hair coloring cream must not be used to dye eyebrows, eyelashes or other parts of hair.

4. For sensitive skin or allergic constitution, it is recommended to consult a professional physician before using this product.

5. Please read this manual carefully before use and do skin test on the inside of your wrist. If you feel abnormal or uncomfortable after use, please stop using it immediately and consult a specialist.

6. After the hair dyeing of this product, the remaining mixed and unsealed hair dye should be discarded immediately. Do not store it to avoid the risk of spillage or contamination.

7. Hair dyeing may cause very few skin discomforts or allergies. Please do a skin test 48 hours before dyeing and read the instructions in the box.

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* 添加柔顺修护配方,使头发染后不易伤发质,并同时拥有头发色彩饱和光泽。

* 添加植物萃取精华,强化发质,形成保护膜,不易打结,染出亮眼发色,呈现自然光。



*建议如果原发色头发较黑着,先用Moon17 漂色剂,一周后再染灰色,效果更佳。


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